SIR: Last month I responded to Winchester City Council’s residents’ email (September 17) informing us of the new policy to levy additional charges on residents for the removal of garden waste. They did not respond.

Today I received another email confirming that the current “free” garden waste service was coming to an end. Imagine my surprise at finding out that the current service had been provided for “free” all these years. I had assumed it has been paid for through my council tax. Anyway, if you would care to publish my email to WCC then maybe someone from WCC will see it and respond to it?

“Sir/Madam. I have not turned my front garden into a driveway. I have made the socially and environmentally responsible decision to keep my garden which will, of course, soak up rainwater and perhaps help to reduce the impact of further flooding, similar to that we experienced in neighbouring streets three weeks ago. Yet it appears that I am being penalised for my social responsibility. What does Winchester City County Council’s Environmental Impact Assessment say about levying additional taxes upon those who retain and maintain eco and bio-diversity friendly gardens?” The answer is probably that “...gardeners who admire David Attenborough’s philosophy are the least likely to be militant, so let’s charge them more and not worry about it”. If I was as cynical as WCC appear to be I would also prophesies that this will be yet another levy that will be increased by more than inflation every year. This whole affair is all rather patronising, predictable and depressing.

David Atraghji,

Elm Road,