A SWAN had to be rescued by police after it was found sitting on a Winchester road.

Hampshire Constabulary officers ushered the swan to a grassy verge by Garnier Road car park on Tuesday.

The animal remained there while HART Wildlife Rescue were called to the incident.

A post on the organisation’s Facebook page said: “The swan didn't have any obvious external injuries but was clearly weak, so he had to come back to the hospital.

“His partner and cygnets were watching from the water.”

Upon examination rescuers felt a mass in his oesophagus and the swan was sent to Cedar Veterinary Group, in Alresford, for an X-ray.

The post added: “The yet to be identified foreign object showed up on the x-ray and was removed.

“He is now recovering at HART and should be back with his family soon.

“Please wish him a swift recovery.”