A POLICE officer has denied being drunk at work despite staying out till 2am following a boxing match, a misconduct hearing has been told.

PC James Oldfield met up with friends to watch the Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker fight on March 31. He drank five or six pints of ale before getting home at 2am.

It is accused that PC Oldfield then showed up for work on April 1 at the Serious Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) whilst unfit for duty.

Giving evidence during a Hampshire Constabulary hearing today, the father-of-two said: “I was there from about 6 o’clock I drank until the fight was over, I remember it didn’t go the distance. It was about half 10 in the evening I had myself about five or six pints. I was persuaded to stay out.

“I got home I believe about two’ish in the morning. I was well aware I had work that day – I felt rough anyway.”

The tribunal was told that PC Oldfield arrived at Northern Police Investigation Centre, in Basingstoke, where the unit is based and after a greeting he said: “James is at home…he’s no c***ing idea what he’s done,” in reference to the professional side of his personality.

He then told his colleagues “four hours isn’t long enough – let’s be honest”.

Speaking during the hearing, PC Oldfield said: “I was tired, I was very tired I think I only had four and half hour’s sleep. I was run down anyway – I was exhausted.”

Detective Inspector Tim Ireson had a conversation with colleagues about travelling to Southampton to assist a fellow officer in a rape investigation.

PC Oldfield stated, in relation to his reluctance to volunteer to travel to Southampton: “I just don’t really want to speak to anyone…I just don’t want anyone to realise that I’m still pissed. (laughter)…well not pissed…did I say that out loud?”. A colleague then said “April fools”, but PC Oldfield replied: “No that’s fine…As long as I don’t have to go near a f****ing victim…cos there might be more victims…if I breathe on someone”.

Later Mr Ireson said: “Jimmer, go and get yourself sober…Sit there and do some work”. PC Oldfield replied: “I am going to do that right now”.

In evidence PC Oldfield said today: “DI Ireson was going along with that joke. I thought I would go along with the joke – it was blatantly obvious.

“I didn’t feel I had to say I wasn’t drunk because I wasn’t drunk. When I say I turned up f***ed, I was knackered.

“I was more than capable of doing a day’s work.”

Six officers are accused of making comments of a discriminatory nature or of an inappropriate or offensive nature between March 9 and April 2 2018.

The officers facing charges are Retired Detective Inspector Tim Ireson, Detective Sergeant Oliver Lage, Detective Sergeant Greg Willcox, former PC Craig Bannerman, trainee Detective Constable Andrew Ferguson and PC James Oldfield.

The serious misconduct proceedings arose following a complaint about the team’s behaviour and covert recording was carried out. A search of text and Whatsapp messages and emails was conducted.

The hearing continues.