SIR: Some four or so years ago the council indicated by comprehensive signage that no motor vehicles are permitted to access to The Square from the Green Man junction. For about two weeks the traffic and noise level dropped, and the air quality improved, for residents in the cathedral streets. Shortly, drivers found that no-one monitored “transit” rather than “access”. Early figures showed, very quickly, an increase to an even higher level of vehicles than before the ban.

The same effect was noticed in March 2020. Peace returned.

To residents’ delight, there was considerable discussion about making The Square accessible for pedestrians and cyclists, only (along with residents of the Square and Great Minster Street). Delivery vehicles would be expected to enter via the East (Wessex Hotel) end.

That is now successfully in operation at weekends. The reduction in pollution is appreciable. Streets such as Symonds and the two Minster Streets are just not suitable for the delivery vehicles that try to drive down St Swithun’s Street and along them.

The time has come for the city and county councils to complete their discussions and close the access from Symonds Street to The Square. Everyone will gain from an improvement in air quality.

In addition, the city will become even more attractive to shoppers and tourists.

Michael Etherington,

St Swithun Street,