SIR: I have cycled in and around Winchester since we moved here over 40 years ago. I am now over 80 and have used an electric bike for nearly 20 years. I have always felt very safe riding, and found drivers of vehicles almost always very considerate. I wear a high visibility jacket with long sleeves and always make clear signals especially if I am turning right.

The two improvements which I would most appreciate are first an advanced cyclists lane at traffic lights, and second a cyclists lane for the hill climbs. Quite often traffic builds up behind me as I cycle uphill which feels safe but antisocial. I have never experienced any concern about cycling along North Walls, a flat and easy road.

However, I have become used to increasing levels of traffic very slowly. Many people I speak to are horrified that I still cycle. Many would like to but are too frightened. This is a request to traffic planners for any help you can give us to encourage more cyclists on the roads, but perhaps starting with the two suggestions I made above.

Cycling in a town is the quickest and easiest method of getting about, and as others have said, if more of us cycle, less will travel by car.

Sue Woodd,

Lainston Close,