DO YOU know of any World War Two veterans living in the district?

The Not Forgotten campaign is seeking support to find and thank those remaining, who have been denied their 75th anniversary celebrations by Covid-19.

While a sense of normality is returning for many, the realities of the pandemic still exists for veterans who have been forced to spend VE and VJ Day at home.

A spokesperson for the project said: "For our new centenary project, we will send up to 5,000 WW2 veterans a gift, to thank them for their service and the phenomenal generation they represent.

"Your support will enable us to find as many World War II veterans as possible so that we can give them a bit of cheer at this extraordinary time, remind them their service remains valued, and that they are not forgotten."

The Not Forgotten was founded in 1920 to provide entertainment and recreational opportunities to wounded, injured and sick serving personnel and veterans with disabilities.

Founder Marta Cunningham said that "as long as there are sufferers so long will The Not Forgotten be needed”.

Any veteran of the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and Merchant Navy who served during the second World War and who lives in the UK is eligible to receive the gift box – known as the Forgot You Not Box.

This includes those who served in the Commonwealth Armed Forces in support of Britain’s war effort and now live in the UK.

The boxes will start to be sent out at the end of October and will contain a variety of specially produced commemorative gifts.

To register for the gift the veteran, or authorised member of their family or carer needs to send the following information:

• Full name - first name, surname and maiden name if appropriate

• Service number

• Military details – Arm/Unit of service and dates

• Full postal address & Telephone number

• Date of birth

• Details of individual/organisation providing this data if not the veteran.

Details can be submitted online at