IT HAS served the same purpose for 100 years – but the building belonging to Twyford Social Club is likely to be sold.

That is the latest message from chairman Robin Burt-D’Arcy, who also said members are being asked whether they want to continue as a society.

The property in Queen Street is the only asset of the club and the main drain on its resources.

Thus far it has been underwritten by secured loans from three committee members and, to a lesser extent, a small bank loan.

Mr Burt-D'Arcy said: "Not unreasonably the committee members are reluctant to continue to underwrite the obligations of 200 other members in perpetuity and the time has come to deal with the financial obligations of the members once and for all.

"To that end we as a committee have no choice but to deal with the 2 aspects in front of us: disposal of the club building to meet the financial obligations of the club; and dissolution of the club, because there would not be a meeting place for the members we should ask the members whether they wish to dissolve the members club."

The decision to do with the building is being dealt with by management, who will receive a proposal from an agent and developer.

Mr Burt-D'Arcy said he will keep all members informed before a final decision is made.

CIU, the club's governing body, has granted permission for special general meeting to be held for members to vote on whether to continue.

This will be done on a postal basis.

"It is a moment of great sadness for me personally having to preside over the demise of a club building established 100 years ago by the working men of this parish however it is clear to me that it no longer meets the needs of the members sufficient for them to support it in a sustainable fashion," said the chairman.