TRULY shocking behaviour has been revealed in the police disciplinary hearing currently ongoing.

Officers of the Serious and Organised Crime Unit based at the Basingstoke station are alleged to have engaged in racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and mysogynistic comments. It sounded like a failed audition for ‘gritty’ 1970s police drama The Sweeney.

The toxic level of vitriol was striking in a police force well into the 21st century.

Six officers are disputing the allegations of gross misconduct. Should the case be proved then it goes without saying they have no role in any police force. And the question should be asked about how they ever got accepted into Hampshire Constabulary in the first place.

But for Hampshire Constabulary dealing with such officers will have been the easy part. It then has to repair its damaged public reputation and the trust that it will deal equally with all members of society. The force might argue that it was one rogue unit gone bad. Another question to be asked is: how do we, the public, know that there are not others?