TWYFORD Social Club has closed its doors – and now its board must decide whether they will open ever again.

The club has been shut every night since the end of September, according to secretary Ben Wootton.

In a Facebook post, he said that a plan for the future of the club needs to be written up.

"We have prided ourselves on the fact that since March we have been able to keep our four staff members employed and with the support of the staff and the committee we were able to open our doors again in August," it said.

"But due to the restrictions and the fact as members you are not supporting your club by way of using the bar we are left with little option.

"The committee will be having a meeting over the next few weeks to decide the future of the club as a whole and will be in contact with all members as soon as we map out a viable plan."

The closure comes after central Government announced changes to lockdown rules for pubs, restaurants and clubs.

The post continues: "The guidance says that we must close and be vacated by 10pm and also that table service is mandatory.

"The first point would not pose as a problem to us, however the second point does. This would mean as an establishment we would need to have two members of staff on duty every hour that we open.

"To put it simply, we do not have the reserve funds to fund this, and quite simply we are not being supported enough by way of members using the bar to warrant having two members of staff on duty.

"I would lastly like to thank all members that have supported us either by donations last year or by coming in and using the bar since our reopening in August."

The Chronicle has contacted chairman Robin Burt-D'Arcy and awaits a response.