UNCERTAINTY surrounds whether Winchester's Army training camp will be used to build more than a thousands homes.

As previously reported, Sir John Moor Barracks off Andover Road is set to be decommissioned in 2024 as part of the Defence Estate Optimisation.

Winchester City Council has earmarked the land to build 1,200 houses – but it is unclear if the Ministry of Defence will have moved out in time.

Cllr Keslie Learney told the Chronicle: "As indicated in the SHELAA the Defence Infrastructure Organisation have a land promoter onboard and have indicated that the site is available for development as housing – the question mark still remains over whether the land will actually be made available as we have no clear date as to when the military will be moving out.

"If vacated redevelopment of the brownfield part of the site would clearly have to be given priority over greenfield sites within the city council’s local plan and the governments new housing numbers make it inevitable that a considerable area of development land will need to be allocated."

As things stand, until it is definite, the site will be vacated and is allocated for development within the local plan.

Cllr Learney added: "It remains a proposal albeit one that is very likely to come to pass. We are still in watch this space territory."

In February, the Chronicle reported on talks between the council and homebuilders.

It was initially thought the Sir John Moore Barracks could fit around 800 new homes.