SIR: The coronavirus restrictions at the Winchester recycling centre are in need of urgent review since they are causing traffic queues with delays of at least 30 minutes to unload waste, as can be seen in the photograph. No wonder people are fly tipping.

Two question spring to mind:

1. Why is the booking system not capable preventing long waiting times? Surely the operators have had enough time to deduce a typical maximum throughput and should use the booking system to ensure that the maximum is not exceeded.

2. Why is every other unloading space cordoned off? Cars cannot catch coronavirus! Users are quite capable of social distancing since they have ample practice in supermarkets. Even with the cordoned-off parking places, users have to social distance at the bins. Surely, they are capable of doing the same as they get out of their cars.

In addition, there is a large additional bill for the taxpayer. Someone has to operate and maintain the booking system and it seemed there were at least three extra staff controlling traffic and allocating parking places.

Keep it simple. Bin the new system and just require face covering and social distancing like shops and supermarkets do. Save us all a lot of time and money. After all, the operation is in the open air!

Les Sherry,

Church Lane,

Kings Worthy