SIR: What with this being Green Week it is becoming clear that some members of the Winchester and Hampshire councils are condoning double standards.

The measures to combat social massing just seem to funnel people into the city centre where they mix and pass each other unmasked, and with no respect for social distancing. The High Street has been clearly marked with arrows, the Brooks shopping centre has arrows and a one-way system, but the general public seem to be oblivious to all of these helpful(?) suggestions.

I feel that it is time to rethink the closures that have been made and to re-open Hyde Street and take away the ‘social distancing’ barriers in North Walls and Jewry Street. St. Georges Street with narrow pavements and many more pedestrians does not have them.

With their removal people will be able to make their own decisions as to how to deal with the problem. One of the advantages that this will achieve is faster moving traffic and a reduction in pollution.

This does however once again prompt the question “is there something sinister in these closures, are they perhaps part of some undisclosed plan for the future?’

If there are plans to make some of these measures permanent perhaps the council could let us in on what appears to be a closely guarded secret?

Bill Hoade,

Worthy Lane,