Bishop's Waltham

20/01862/HOU, Mr L Smith, erection of detached outbuilding in rear garden, 5 Marks Terrace, Winchester Road.

20/01871/FUL, Micheel Pullinger, (retrospective) Erection of event marquee, to rear of public house, within the courtyard of property, The Barleycorn Inn,

Lower Basingwell Street.

Colden Common,

20/02053/TPO, Mrs Croswaithe, various tree works to allow more light in to client's and neighbour's garden, 14 Hazel Close.

Compton and Shawford

20/01589/FUL, Mr S Perry, demolition of existing dwelling and construction of two dwellings, garages, landscaping and access, The Garden House, Southdown Road.


20/01756/HOU, Neville Spencer, single-storey extension to the side of the property, The Cedars, Hambledon Road.

20/02078/TPO, Kevin Dimmer, tree works, Solva, Southwick Road.

20/02019/TPO, Neil Fleming, fell six ash trees, diseased with ash dieback, Old Post Office House, Hambledon Road.


20/02076/TPC, Mr Hill, tree works, Fir Hill, High Street.

Headbourne Worthy

20/01138/FUL, PCC of Headbourne Worthy, upgrading existing public footpath (Headbourne Worthy No.8) to disability accessible standard. Extending the path towards the church to join with the existing access from Worthy Road (affects a public right of way), land at St Swithun's Church, London Road.

20/01860/FUL, Kevin Wells, demolition of existing house and garage, and construction of replacement dwelling and outbuilding, Orchard Lodge, Pudding Lane.


20/02022/TPC, Giles Fletcher, pollarding of three sycamores, 100 Main Road.

20/02074/TPO, Christina Arthur, felling of three Lawson Cypress, 2 South End Close.

Littleton and Harestock

20/01855/HOU, Julian Elford, single-storey two-bay car port within front garden of residential property, The Haven, 41 Main Road.

New Alresford

20/01779/FUL, Brian Durham, temporary planning permission (five years) for the erection of a four-section timber workshop on a derelict site, plot adjacent to Avenue Cottage, Bridge Road.

20/01851/HOU, Paul Greisen, proposed front entrance porch, two-storey side extension, and single-storey rear extension, Four Winds, 27 Grange Road.

20/02033/TPO, Mr Bands, felling of ash tree affected by ash dieback disease, 21 Fair View.

20/02073/TPC, no applicant listed, various tree works, including felling of silver birch, Cardew House, East Street.


20/01864/HOU, Mr and Mrs Michael LeBrocq, three-bay carriage shed with loft room over two-bay garage, 75 Northington Hill.

Old Alresford

20/01767/LDP, Mr and Mrs S Sinclair, loft conversion with rear dormer, 12 Kiln Lane.


20/02069/TPO, Andrea Wilkins, tree works, 1 Oakwood Close.


20/02071/TPO, Douglas Moir, fell diseased Monterey Cypress, High Entropy, Winters Road, Shirrell Heath.


20/01783/FUL, Ron Swann, erection of three detached dwellings with detached garages and use of existing access onto Chapel Road, land at Chapel Road.

20/01880/HOU, Mr and Mrs Henderson, single-storey rear extension and internal alterations to floor plan, Hone Copse, Heath Road, Wickham.


20/02075/TPC, Edward Bell, tree works, Wood Cottage, Church Lane.


20/01846/HOU, Mr N. Taylor, ground floor extension for use as a dining room and other alterations to the existing dwelling including a dormer window to existing bathroom and an enlarged opening to the kitchen dining area with sliding/folding glazed door screen and new glass verandah covering to existing terracing. Plus an application to change the wording of original planning condition 9 of the original planning consent (ref 12/02264/FUL) to allow windows in the NW elevation, 3 South Downs Close.

20/01856/HOU, Mr Gardaner and Mrs Jennings, addition of a single-storey glass roof situated on the rear elevation in the private garden, 1 Horders View.

20/01887/HOU, Scott Page, front double-storey extension, rear single-storey extension, Berrycroft, Lower Chase Road.

20/02056/TPO, Mrs Sherwood, various tree works after a significant branch failed in August damaging a boundary fence and plants, Senna House, Lower Chase Road.


20/01845/HOU, Miss Jackson, ground floor rear and front extensions, rear dormer window and erection of timber framed double garage, Woodley Farm, Alma Lane.


20/01635/HOU, Leigh Whymark-Jones, removal of 2.35-metre-high wall and replacing with 1.8-metre-high fence panels (maximum height), concrete posts and concrete base panels extending to the edge of the public footpath (amended description), 1 Silver Birch Way.


20/01890/HOU, Mr T Page, raising roof to provide additional first floor accommodation, ground floor front extension, detached double car port and work to landscape garden, Shaugh Prior, Hundred Acres Road.

20/02023/TPC, Victoria Lindsay, pollarding of sycamores and felling of Scots pine, Wickham Lodge Cottage, Winchester Road.

Winchester Town

20/01528/FUL, Malcolm and Irving Carter, replacement of timber and metal balcony screens with glass screen/steel handrail and steel posts, Stratford Court, Northlands Drive, Abbotts Barton.

20/01529/FUL, Malcolm and Irving Carter, replacement of timber and metal balcony screens with glass screen/steel handrail and steel posts, Regent Court, Northlands Drive, Abbotts Barton.

20/01530/FUL, Malcolm and Irving Carter, replacement of timber and metal balcony screens with glass screen/steel handrail and steel posts, Alton Court, Northlands Drive, Abbotts Barton.

20/01531/FUL, Malcolm and Irving Carter, replacement of timber and metal balcony screens with glass screen/steel handrail and steel posts, Coventry Court, Northlands Drive, Abbotts Barton.

20/01532/FUL, Malcolm and Irving Carter, replacement of timber and metal balcony screens with glass screen/steel handrail and steel posts, Warner Court, Northlands Drive, Abbotts Barton.

20/01533/FUL, Malcolm and Irving Carter, replacement of timber and metal balcony screens with glass screen/steel handrail and steel posts, Kenilworth Court, Northlands Drive, Abbotts Barton.

20/01634/LDP, Christopher Beamish, change the use of the first floor of 79 Parchment Street from B1 (office) to A3 (Restaurant); and the ground floor of part (not Donna's Jewellery) from A1 (retail) to A3 (restaurant). Applicant understands that the change of use on the ground floor is covered by 'permitted development' due to its size being only some 42 square metres, 79 Parchment Street.

20/01847/HOU, Ian Gallaher, loft extension, addition of two roof lights, 30 Monks Road, Hyde.

20/02086/TPC, Sam Parnell, tree works, 1 The Rudgewick, 98-100 Sussex Street.

20/01881/HOU, B Farrow, conversion of existing garage to form study with shower room. Alterations to existing flat roof and render finish to existing front and side garage walls, 27 Hillside Road, Teg Down.

20/01934/LIS, Mr Mathias, reinstatement of building from two separate houses into single dwelling, Walcote Chambers, High Street.

20/01957/FUL, Gentian Property Investments Ltd, re Application Reference Number: 18/01310/FUL, Date of Decision: 26/07/2018, Removal of Condition 3: user restriction, Gentian House, Moorside Road, Winnall.

20/02025/FUL, Richard Vary, re Application Reference Number: 16/01470/FUL Date of Decision: 16.09.2016, Condition Number(s): Condition 1, Conditions(s) Removal: Alterations to design following a request from Southern Water to build 3m away from the existing drainage, garage site rear of 22 Highcliffe Road, Highcliffe.

20/02034/LIS, Mr and Mrs Fraser, creation of new bathroom, new en-suite and cupboard, alterations to existing shower room, St Johns Croft, Blue Ball Hill.

20/02035/TPO, Harte (no further detail), tree works, 8 Westminster Gate.

20/02060/TPO, Stewart (no further detail), tree works, Under Hill House, Beech Copse, Teg Down.

20/02061/TPO, Field (no further detail), tree works, 2 Beech Copse, Teg Down.

20/02067/TPO, Anthea Lane, fell diseased ash, 61 Dean Lane, Teg Down.