SIR: The saga of Winchester NHS continues, where the excellent A&E facility has long been under threat by NHS management (Chronicle, October 1).

Should for example the A&E facility move to Basingstoke or even Southampton, the mere extra journey-time by ambulances alone will potentially prove life-threatening for critical cases.

What about patients' families natural desire to visit their loved ones? Both Basingstoke and Southampton's maze of low capacity, expensive parking‎ would create further distress.

Through personal experience, I have nothing but admiration for the vocational care facilitated by local front line NHS staff including A&E. ‎Would staff who are actually engaged in saving lives be expected to relocate?

The case for such disruptive and unnecessary plans are ‎vague and totally unconvincing. NHS management should engage with the people of Winchester and area to gain a real life assessment.

Indeed; over to the people.

Simon Lever,

Juniper Close,

Badger Farm