HENRY Beaufort held a Cultural Capital day to teach more than just an academic curriculum.

Pupils at the school in Priors Dean Road were given experiences to help broaden their horizons and develop and challenge them personally.

Mrs Briggs, senior teacher in charge of Student Life Chances, said: "Today we have been excited to launch the first of our Cultural Capital Days; a day of invaluable experiences for all students to participate.

"Our students have engaged in range of activities from learning sign language, learning to speak mandarin, competing in a ‘festival of sport’, to experiencing life of a University student. We continue to look forward to future events across the academic year."

Eleanor, a Year 10 student, said she really enjoyed the day.

"I really enjoyed the university visit as the insight into real student life made me feel like university can be a real step in becoming a successful adult.

"The university visit was so interesting as before today, the Importance of money budgeting and the application process had never come to my mind.

"The insight into life as a student was fascinating as it showed us that community is a big part of uni."