SIR: Yet again we have a notice on the board at Braxton House concerning the new buildings going up on this site.

It states you may have access to the Microsoft Teams meeting on October 15 by computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone between 3-4pm to give your views. Most people are at work at these times or mothers picking up their children from school.

One can’t help thinking that the city council do this on purpose as it is an inconvenient time for most people and the ones that are dead against the building are pensioners who have no access to all these contraptions.

The vast majority of people (pensioners, etc) are all dead against these buildings but will have no access to air their views.

On reflection, what does it matter? The council never listens to any concerns we have and we know how they work with no consideration for people who have lived here over 50 years and purchased their flats for a peaceful retirement, not to be overcrowded.

It is as always with Winchester City Council, cut and dried, no matter what concerns we have. They will go ahead. Why ask! No doubt when it is all done the council will say: ‘we did ask’ to cover their wily ways and disruption of people’s lives but not in my back yard though!

We are in the most polluted area of Winnall and the council continue to put children in this area without a care for their health and safety. What on earth is this town coming to, with this council!

P Dollery (Mrs),

Winnall Manor Road,