SIR: I agree with Mr Brine (Chronicle, September 17) in his desire to support jobs, but the mindset that makes him support Eastleigh airport’s extension belongs to the last century.

He has always maintained that he is concerned for the environment, but there is never any sign that he gets his researchers to crunch the relevant numbers. In Eastleigh’s case the numbers show the significant and irreversible harm that will be done by global warming, if an extension were to go ahead allowing more and bigger planes to fly further. Some comfort can be taken from the stated determination of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, to be innovative and creative in making sure that there will be other, more useful jobs after this pandemic. We can’t just rely on the “same old, same old”. But even if we do take up an old theme that Mr Brine to his credit does support, many more jobs could be created by improving the lamentable insulation of our housing stock. The slow start in doing this has to be thought through and speeded up.

Jock Macdonald,

(Chair of WinACC),

Stockbridge Road,