SIR: I was surprised at the tone of the letter that Janet Graham wrote concerning Depressing ‘Vigilantes’ (Chronicle, September17).

To walk along the main road in Itchen Stoke, which many inhabitants have to do to reach their homes is a most unpleasant experience as cars come past very close (and that is just with the ones keeping to the speed limit).

One of the most frequent issues raised with me and to many other city councillors, (as I am sure they will bear out) at parish councils and by individuals is the problem of speeding drivers. Ideas such as pinch points, coloured tarmac etc have been tried out at locations throughout the district and generally found wanting.

The most effective means to reduce speeds seems to be the voluntary ‘speedwatch’ teams who give up their time to try and persuade inconsiderate drivers to obey the law.

It would be splendid to be able to leave this task to the Hampshire Police, but they regrettably only make rare appearances on our roadsides.

Much as I would applaud Janet Graham for driving responsibly, it is worth noting that the highest speed recorded by the speed limit reminder device for Jacklyns Lane in Alresford currently stands at 85mph which would suggest rather more depressing ‘vigilantes’ are needed rather than fewer.

Russell Gordon-Smith,

City Councillor for Alresford and the Itchen Valley Ward,

West Street,


SIR: I can only assume that Janet Graham was caught speeding by the Itchen Stoke vigilante mafia (Letters, September 17). Otherwise what is the point of a vitriolic letter criticising residents attempting to avoid accidents in a known rat run speeding area.

As a member of the team we obtain no pleasure from reporting spenders who continually exceed 30mph. Her comments are unjustified and merely mirror her pathetic attitude towards speeding in a village of no pavements, no lighting and a refusal by Hampshire road safety to do anything pro active until there is a fatal accident.

Perhaps Ms Graham may care to volunteer! Alternatively, if the people trying to save lives are annoying her take a different route and get a life and keep your speed within the posted limits. It’s not rocket science!

Roger Norrie,

Main Road,

Itchen Stoke