SIR: Winchester has a long history as a centre for the administration of justice with our courts, prison and legal practices. It is to be hoped that some of our local professionals devoting their careers to the cause of justice and the rule of law will have been moved to explain to our MP that breaking the law, even in a 'very specific and limited way' will destroy the reputation of the UK and undermine the authority of the Government.

It is to be hoped that heads wiser than those in No10, will prevail in Parliament and show that 'Taking Back Control' does not mean trashing any International Treaty that does not suit us. Especially one that was presented to and approved by voters less than a year ago. The word of the British Government has been the gold standard in global diplomacy. Sufficient for us to go to war in 1914 in defence of Belgium and again in 1939 in defence of Poland. It is a priceless asset.

Labour is remembered for the 'dodgy dossier' and war in Iraq, the Lib Dem's for breaking their pledges on Tuition Fees. Do the Conservatives really wish to be remembered for breaking the law and Cumming's eyesight test?

Mike Biden,

Northbrook Close,