KINGS Worthy Preschool has reopened its doors against all odds.

In March, it was forced to close as it could not afford to continue with staff employment.

But now, six months later, children are set to return – and one of the nursery's new trustees said she is "very grateful" to the community.

Signe Biddle told the Chronicle: "The pre-school remains under pressure, as do many settings, but we want to emphasise that we have opened.

"The community have really pulled together and supported the pre-school, for which we are very grateful."

She added that there is not enough Government funding for preschools.

"We are okay for now due to fundraising efforts, but the pre-school remains overly dependent on fundraising to make ends meet and clearly coronavirus has highlighted this issue," added Ms Biddle.

"Not only does it mean the pre-school lives hand to mouth but it is stressful and time consuming for the staff."

The preschool has made changes to its business model to encourage more pupils and attract more working families.

It will now be open until 6pm and will offer after school club to three to five year olds.

The newly-appointed trustees are actively helping to support the school in fundraising, marketing and managing finances efficiently.

According to the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA), these financial issues fit in with the national picture.

Chief executive Purnima Tanuku said: "A huge amount of work has gone into preparations for nurseries to operate safely and welcome more children from this week. Some really innovative ideas and solutions have been put in place to minimise any risks to children and staff.

"What we are seeing is nurseries and other childcare providers facing increased costs to make these changes and looking at much lower demand than usual for the coming weeks and months.