SIR: Many people are still confused by the current rules in society relating to the coronavirus.

We already have a security code which operates in sensitive areas of national life, warning of a raised possibility of a terrorist attack etc. Would it not be possible to invent a similar scheme for the virus with simple but clear stages: i.e. Stage 1 total lockdown; Stage 2: activity allowed for schools and certain businesses but no domestic mixing outside one's bubble; Stage 3: Shielding for most vulnerable, a return to work, but limited opening for hospitality and sport, but local travel allowed; Stage 4: international travel, quarantine enforcement, other social activity permitted.

We don't have to re-invent the wheel. We need a clear code, a clear idea of the area covered, and a well defined idea of where the hotspots are likely to occur.

Graham Trasler,

Langtons Court,