Sir: I refer to the letters written in dismay and frustration at the trial one-way route down North Walls and the closure of Hyde Street at its southern end.

The fact is that most people think traffic in Winchester is a “nightmare” anyway. But, at last, Central Government is providing money to our two local councils to experiment on how that could be changed. “Building Back Greener!” is the name of the game. If we don’t play that game with whatever government comes our way, a much worse nightmare will descend on us. It is well proven that traffic emissions in this country are a huge contributor to Global Warming, and it is global warming that will make us, meaning humanity at large, burn or drown.

As David Attenborough rightly said in his presentation on the extinction of species, what we do here affects not only the citizens of Winchester but the world at large. Patience within the wider context is necessary, and that includes thinking round the problems, walking more, and timing vital car journeys to coincide with relatively traffic-free times of day.

Jock Macdonald,

Stockbridge Road,