SIR: It has become abundantly clear that whilst developments of the inner city are on hold - Station Approach and the Cattle Market, we have had time to re-think, especially now that we have this awful pandemic. To think what is needed. Do we still need new office accommodation? Do we need to reconstruct our ideas? Yes, we do, but there is no possibility that we wont move forward because this pandemic will eventually allow us to resume our lives.

Winchester has not moved forward at all in the 20-30 years of talking about the regeneration of the inner city. We have made some terrible mistakes. The Brooks Centre was the biggest.

But if politics and personalities can be put aside, and we get back to basics, what is the very best we can do by way of future developments? The sports centre is coming into fruition. That nearly never happened and I feel that we will be terribly grateful for what it is going to provide.

Now come on all you dedicated people, get together, work together and put all your personal, political views aside and concentrate on what is going to be beneficial to now and 20-30 years from now. You will in time be thanked for having the foresight. That will be classed as true dedication to your city and its residents.

Eileen Berry,

Priors Dean Road,