SIR: I applaud those people who have written to the paper to set out their opinions on the traffic restrictions on North Walls and Jewry Street. I now implore them to also write to their city/county councillors in the same manner.

This morning I intended to go to the city centre for several seasons – I ground to a halt in City Road before reaching traffic lights to access North Walls, with one vehicle and one bus in front of me. The lights changed at least 10 times, City Road traffic did not move and neither did that from Jewry Street. I don’t know the cause, but like other vehicles behind me I was able to do a U-turn in City Road (no traffic coming through from Jewry Street obviously as stationary traffic there had blocked the way!). I could hear an emergency vehicle’s sirens somewhere – let’s hope they weren’t trapped in the jam. As I turned left up Sussex Street to make my way to Sainsburys at Badger Farm instead, I was able to see long queues of traffic up Andover Road and Stockbridge Road. Anyone going to the city centre for perhaps a doctor’s appointment, would not have made it whether travelling by private or public transport.

The closed lanes in North Walls and Jewry Street must be reopened without delay – the problem is not going to go away. The volume of traffic will only increase as things hopefully get back to normal. No doubt many people will have experienced similar situations and once again I ask them to let their councillors know about it.

Mrs. C. Barge,

Burnett Close,