SIR: In these unusual and sometimes stressful times I am indeed fortunate to have a decent job at a care home. Every week day I commute by car from my home in Kings Worthy to Alton morning and evening.

As can be imagined, the job is demanding and some evenings I am nearly ‘worn out’. As a responsible and careful driver of many years experience, I always keep an eye on my speed during my daily ‘commute’.

How depressing it is then, in these stressful times, when many households are dependent on having a driving licence to have an income, to see people on folding chairs by the roadside with cameras attempting to catch drivers for speeding. We have a professional police force whose responsibility is this activity.

These self appointed ‘vigilantes’ seem to view speeding as ‘sport’ and clearly get an excited ‘buzz’ when they ‘catch’ someone. One lady I observed nearly ‘fell off her chair’ with delight.

So, I say to the good folks of Itchen Stoke leave the police to do their jobs, fold up your chairs, go home, and do something more useful with your day.

Janet Graham,

Edwards Close,

Kings Worthy