SIR: The Hampshire Chronicle ran two stories on September 3 of personal interest; the High Street clean-up carried out by the council’s team and coverage of our MP Steve Brine assisting in a Bank Holiday Monday litter-picking exercise in the city centre.

It occurred to me that local authorities recognise their responsibilities to the corporate rate taxpayers whilst relying heavily on volunteers to clean up outlying city streets and report rubbish unattended.

I am left with the impression that the council are swift to pay attention to the flood damage caused to corporation tax-paying High Street tenants but clearly happy to pass responsibility for “not on the High Street” cleaning to members of the public and Parliament alike. An impression enforced by the lack of attention to the flooding of Victoria Court in Victoria Road, one of Winchester City Council’s own tenant blocks. It’s been nearly two weeks since the heavy rainfall swept rubbish down Victoria Road and on into the ground floor and basement of Victoria Court and little has been done. The basement remains flooded and the floors remain filthy.

Council tenants are expected to pay their rent and council tax on time and in full. In an emergency such as the recent flooding, the local authorities would do best to stand by city residents and tenants as well as the High Street corporate rate taxpayers.

Angela Goodridge,

Victoria Road,