OF course there is a feeling of relief that no-one was killed in the bus crash on Wellhouse Lane, Headbourne Worthy, last Thursday, but that is quickly replaced by a bemused anger. How on earth could this have happened?

In November 2005 a Brijan Tours double decker bus going to The Westgate School collided with a JCB digger on Stockbridge Road in Fulflood. Several pupils were injured by flying glass.

That was a momentary lapse of judgement by a driver not taking the right line.

The latest crash had the driver approaching the bridge for a number of seconds, after, according to some eye witnesses on social media, slowing down to a near-halt before accelerating away under the bridge. As a result of this seeming recklessness three children have life-changing injuries.

Stagecoach, not some small hard-pressed local firm but one with a turnover of many millions of pounds a year, clearly has a lot of questions to answer and managers must be fully open about what has happened, how it happened and the actions they are going to take to make sure it cannot happen again.