SIR: I think I am right in assuming that "Letter from Westminster" was originally intended as a way for our local MP to inform their constituents of important matters taking place in Parliament that have a bearing on the area. I have noticed that Steve Brine uses it as an opportunity to push his views on local issues in which he has a special interest. This week's issue (August 27) is an example. Mr Brine is entitled to have a view on the building of unwanted office space in Winchester just like any other resident but he should write a letter to the editor rather than taking advantage of his position as MP.

Of course Parliament is in recess and the Prime Minister decided that there was no reason to hang around the capital but there is plenty happening in the country on which it would be interesting (or not?) to have Mr Brine's view. For instance, the. A level and GCSE results fiasco or the failure of the Border Force to obtain personal details from most people arriving in the UK or the Government's determination to tear up the planning system. I could go on.

May I suggest that in future the column alternates between "Letter to Westminster" and "Letter from Westminster". In that way readers of your newspaper could seek answers from Mr Brine on nationally important matters which he doesn't seem inclined to address through individual correspondence with constituents.

Andrea Owen,

Culverwell Gardens,