SIR: The article on algal growth in the Solent caused by nitrate pollution (Chronicle, August 13) raises questions about whether Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (SLEP) buying up farmland for rewilding projects in order to enable developers to buy nitrate 'credits' is the best way of using the new money on offer.

The algae are flourishing in the Solent due to nitrate pollution from (a) agricultural use and (b) waste water from housing.

A better way might be for farmers to be helped to convert to organic growing. This does not use nitrates, supports wildlife and supports councils' endeavours to meet their climate change aspirations. Additionally, it enables farmers to continue producing food locally - at the moment the UK imports about 50 per cent of its food.

The SLEP funding should be used to improve the treatment of waste water from existing housing and any new development.

I raise these issues because SLEP is an unelected body using taxpayers' money without public accountability.

Evelyn Parker,

Winchester Green Party,

Back Street,

St Cross,