REPAIRS to Hampshire’s unique Alresford Eel House have been completed.

Since major restoration in 2006/ 07 more than 9,000 visitors have enjoyed the open days and learned about this unique building in use for fishing from Victorian times to the 1970s.

Work has been completed to the brick culvert archways upstream of the house and also to the wooden footbridge.

The three-week repair project was completely successfully earlier this month by Cain-Bio Engineering. Jon Cranfield of Herpetologic monitored the site for white clawed crayfish as required by the Environment Agency but none were found.

Access to the site was provided by Anthony Gay from Franklyn’s Fish Farm which greatly helped operations.

The project has cost New Alresford Town Trust nearly £25,000, which has been raised from local donations and its reserves.

Hampshire County Council paid for the wooden bridge repairs amounting to £4,000.

The town trust has now spent around £65,000 on the Eel House renovations since 2006/7, and hopes this will be the end of all major costs for the time being.

The only sadness is that, under the present coronavirus restrictions, it is not possible to open to the public so far this year but September 27 is a possible date.

The footpaths around the Eel House need substantial reinstatement, and the trust understands Hampshire County Council will do this in 2021.