SIR: Lynda Bannister sets out the case for a new hospital (Letters, August 6). But why are we having this discussion?

The State determines what treatments we might be allowed, when we might be allowed them, what medications we must be prescribed (because NICE says so), and is shortly to prescribe what we may eat. The only thing that is ‘World beating’ about our health service is its permanent position in the lower part of health outcomes league tables.

So GPs ‘who could reduce demand for it’ are underfunded? On the contrary, GPs are a long outdated hang-over from 100 years ago, a bureaucratic layer of form filling and delay before one is allowed to see a specialist. In France for example there is no such layer.

It is not so much a new hospital that we need as rude awakening as to how other places do their health service so much better.

James Anderson,

Wrights Close,

South Wonston