THESE photographers never expected their project to take such a turn.

But those involved with Bishop's Waltham 2020 Vision have continued to capture every day life throughout lockdown.

The one-year pop-up photographic campaign set out to to explore and record the village community.

A spokesperson said: "In this extraordinary global event, it's even more important to provide a local record of everyday life for the future. We are looking for images of life in lockdown, both within and outside local homes.

"Make your mark on history. Fascinate future historians. Upload your photos to our website.

"What will today’s teenagers look back on when they reach 50?

"Think about it. We want you to record the good, the bad, the humdrum, the exciting, the ugly, the beautiful and the fun things about life in our town."

People can still submit photos via the website:

They will be uploaded for everyone to see.

The project runs until the end of the year.