A SPORTS pavilion in Barton Stacey has been destroyed by fire caused by a lightning strike.

Fire crews were called to the building off of Cocum Road at 5.39pm yesterday evening (Thursday).

The woodlen pavilion is used by Barton Stacey Football Club, who are now fundraising to replace the equipment lost in the blaze. 

A post on the club’s Twitter page read: “We were going to hold off on sharing our bad news but lots of concerned people have reached out to us.

“Our beloved pavilion has been struck by lightning and by all accounts is unsalvageable.

“We are all truly gutted and not really sure what our next steps are.”

An eyewitness Nick Edmonds said: “The fire looks like it has almost destroyed the wooden pavilion in Barton Stacey, after smoke was seen shortly after a very loud thunder clap.”

(Video by Nick Edmonds)

Since the fire the club has been receiving messages of support and offers of help from people, along with other football teams.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the blaze and the club are able to play their game on Sunday, where fundraising will begin.

The club added: “Genuinely humbled by the amount of support from the community.

“We have had so many messages from teams all over, people we have never even met.

“We are grateful for every single offer of support, thankfully our game on Sunday can go ahead where the fundraising begins.”