SOME have taken on major DIY projects, others have learnt a new skill, but one Winchester author has used lockdown to write a book reflecting on the unusual time.

Susana Ingram, whose pen name is Susana Cory-Wright, has released a novel entitled Corona Confidential.

After the initial shock of home schooling the 57-year-old realised that the initial three weeks of quarantine would be much longer and decided to start a diary.

“I told my son Max that Easter holidays were off and pretended he had school and we both sat at the kitchen table writing,” Susana said.

“I told him that this was going to be an important time. His diary turned out to be what he had for breakfast.”

It did not take long for Susana to realise that there was a bigger story to tell and began writing her fiction book.

“I began to wonder about the pressures and fears my family was undergoing. Covid has affected all of us in different ways. No one has escaped unscathed. Some, of course, have suffered hugely and lost loved ones.”

Hampshire Chronicle:

Her novel is about a family that struggles to survive during lockdown. When secrets from the past are uncovered, the bare bones of a marriage are laid bare.

“I tried to relay the fear of the virus, the uncertainty and misinformation and the way it has affected us. Underpinning it is a family’s own ongoing demons and this [lockdown] had accentuated it.”

Throughout the story Susana addresses mental health issues, the pandemic and ultimately a mother’s love for her family.

Speaking of the reaction to the book, she said: “It has been incredibly positive and encouraging. Everyone has loved it and say they couldn’t put it down. I didn’t think it would be as successful as it has been.”

The author decided to dedicate the book to teachers, particularly those at Pilgrims’ School where her son is a pupil.

She added: “I think the teachers have been absolutely wonderful. I think teachers really need to be commended.”

But Susana has recently suffered a drama of her own. As previously reported, she was bitten by two dogs during a walk on St Catherine’s Hill on July 26.

She suffered puncture wounds to her leg and back and was left shaken.

Corona Confidential is available on at £8.62.