SIR: Through the columns of your paper I wish to write about the strange phenomenon that has appeared in North Walls, namely a short stretch of cycle path. This cordoned stretch of path, with its cones does not appear to link up with any other cycle route or path. Presumably this construction has to go through a planning committee at council.

Hitherto I have always been in favour of green policies of council of any persuasion not just the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats, but this really does seem like Green policy gone bonkers, with this white elephant.

I have not seen anyone using this lane. I own and ride a bicycle but would see no reason or purpose to use this short stretch only to return to a busy arterial road.

Before it is made a permanent feature I hope and pray that people will realise that this is likely to become a really dreadful bottleneck, with motorised traffic only able to use one lane. Before the lockdown North Walls was already a really dreadful bottleneck with traffic moving very slowly indeed. In September when all the students return to their colleges, traffic will increase immensely. The planning authority should not be thinking that things will never return to normal by imposing this ridiculous obstruction.

That is just negative thinking and short-sighted panning policy.

Robert Hubbard,

Spitfire End,