SIR: re the recent survey: Winchester is the happiest place in the UK (Chronicle, July 30):- Winchester really lacks community amenities! The paltry community centres in Winchester, offer very few clubs and classes (especially in the evenings or at weekends); some, like the Carroll Centre in Stanmore, don't offer any clubs or classes, and shouldn't be called community centres at all!

The only adult education college in Winchester, is far away from the city centre, in Weeke. It's a long walk from the city centre, especially for elderly people. Plus, it's a steep, uphill walk (along Stockbridge Road), to get to it. Come on Granny, you can easily walk up that long, steep hill! Easy-peazy lemon-squeezy!

The adult education college should be in the centre of Winchester; not on the fringes!; stupid location decisions by Winchester Council!

The happiness of a place, is governed by the community amenities in a place; the human factors in a place; how well the community needs are met.

Winchester's poor community centres, and an adult education college far away from the city centre (especially for elderly people), shows that Winchester's community amenities are really lacking! Winchester City Council needs to really urgently change this.

Winchester, the happiest place in the UK??? Don't make me laugh! No please, don't make me laugh! Ha, ha. Alright?!

Paul Hickey,

Parchment Street,