CONCERNS have been raised following a Traveller incident in Micheldever on the weekend.

A woman, who wished to remain nameless, was driving along the A30 on Saturday when she noticed what appeared to be a large Traveller group.

“We were yet again subject to roads being blocked, private land being parked on and intimidating behaviour from the Travelling community as they descend on Micheldever to race and bet on their pony racing,” she said.

“There are hundreds of people there, standing in the carriageway, using vehicles to stop traffic in both lanes as they race on the dual carriageway.

“The police were aware it was taking part today but have not put the resources in place to deal with it and with any crimes being committed.”

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesman confirmed they were at the incident.

“Officers responded to an event on the A33 this weekend, after a large group were reported on the side of the carriageway,” the spokesman said.

“We attended to ensure the safety of road users and those at the event. Officers in attendance were there to disrupt the activity which was intermittent.”

The anonymous woman added that this wasn’t the first time something like this had occurred.

“This happened last year too over two days and we are subject to obstruction most weeks as they practice for this event.”

This came just days after Test Valley Council were granted an injunction by the High Court to tackle illegal Encampments.

The injunction should now make it easier for the council to disperse, and potentially prosecute, encampments that set up on particular areas of land.

The court has also agreed to attach a power of arrest to the order, which means that those moving onto land or setting up camp in breach of the order, can be arrested and taken to court.

However, this particular case fell outside of their jurisdiction, in the district of Winchester, and as such, meant the new powers in Test Valley were not applicable.