SIR: I am puzzled by the correspondence regarding the city council's changed policy on green waste (Chronicle, July 8, 16, 23). What's wrong with an old-fashioned compost heap which would reduce the pollution associated with carrying green waste around Hampshire in lorries? It would also save people the cost of buying compost.

Jon Newman,

Manor Lodge,


SIR: Is it not high time, and indeed beyond high time, that Winchester City Council provided us with green containers for our compostable waste? My son, who lives down a dirt track in Devon has had one for years. And on the far flung Isle of Lewis I have also found them. In fact they seem to be almost everywhere except Winchester. The council should look to its laurels.

They are apparently prepared to spend time and money changing our perfectly adequate garden waste bags to another green bin so what about providing us with small green boxes?

Guinevere Harvey,

Danes Road,