THE Eel House in Alresford needs strengthening, following a survey by Hampshire County Council.

On the upstream side of the building, repairs are needed to brickwork in the culvert arches together with complete renewal of the wooden bridge and walkway.

The Environment Agency permission was granted subject to a wildlife survey and investigation of white clawed crayfish.

Antony Gay prepared and allowed the contractor Bio-Cain Engineering to set up site on his land, enabling the project to start on July 13.

The project will last approximately three weeks, during which time the footpath around the Eel House will be closed.

The owners, the Town Trust will record its thanks to those who helped finance this second project with a plaque with the names of donors, which will be unveiled at its next Open Day.

The monies received since the start of the Eel House restoration project in 2007 has risen to £65,000 from over 100 donors. By December 31 2019 the house had received 9,382 visitors.

The New Alresford Town Trust thanks the following for their generous financial and practical support on the Second Restoration of the Eel House in 2020, and in particular David Woods who has chaired and led the project for the last 14 years.

The donors include: Alresford & District Agricultural Society; Alresford Rotary Club; The Alresford Society; Mr & Mrs J Arney; Mr K Borges; Mr A Gay; Mrs L Griffiths; HampshireWildlife Trust; Hon. R Lloyd George; Naturetrek Limited; New Alresford Town Council; New Alresford Town Trust volunteers; Old Alresford Parish Council; Mrs C Perry; Winchester City Council; Mr D Woods.

The Eel House is believed to be one of only two Victorian structure in the UK built to catch eels. The structure was in commercial use until the 1970s.