SIR: Who owns Winchester’s housing vision? It seems to belong more to developers and estate agents than to the residents. We have witnessed the growing number of houses being built with a price of £1m+, or not far from it. Chilbolton Avenue appears to be turning into a ‘millionaires’ row’ and the cost of existing housing has been creeping up so that it is not unusual to see figures of £8/900,000. Even relatively modestly-sized dwellings can be above £500,000.

What would have been good family homes at one time have been greatly extended and gone beyond the reach of ordinary families. How are our planners delivering a mix of housing to serve the population? High prices are good news for developers and estate agents. They have even allied themselves with the ‘Thank you NHS’ banner.

However they have probably managed to price key workers from the NHS and others out of the Winchester market.

C Pattison,

Main Road,