SIR: Andy Hickman of Winchester City Council was quoted in your issue of July 16 as saying, with reference to the temporary closure of Hyde Street, allegedly necessary for social distancing reasons, that the measure appeared to be “…working well. It gives a really good cycling and walking route to and from the city centre.”

We should like to know on what evidence he based this comment. As residents of Worthy Lane we frequently cross Hyde Street in order to walk to Hyde, River Park, or into town. Over the past few weeks on no occasion have we seen more than two or three pedestrians walking along Hyde Street The sighting of a cyclist is even rarer.

A consequence of Hyde Street closure has been a large increase in traffic, tailbacks and pollution on Worthy Lane and at the Station Approach junction. The number of cyclists using Worthy Lane does not seem to have decreased, and many now resort to cycling on the pavements in order to avoid traffic queues, which include lorries, vans and buses.

For most Hyde residents, the measures are deemed to have been a disaster and are far from “working well”.

We should also like to point out that any cyclist who enjoys the peaceful route towards town along Hyde Street will then have to cope with North Walls as far as the first legal right turn into town at Middle Brook Street.

If the county and city councils really want to improve cycling and pedestrian routes from Hyde to the city centre, they should upgrade and signpost a route via River Park and Park Avenue, which is far pleasanter and less congested.

Caroline and Nick Dennis,

Worthy Lane,