SIR: Your edition (July 9&16) highlighted the controversy regarding Winchester City Council’s decision to replace the current green waste bags with bins and make a charge.

Last year the council introduced a kerbside glass collection service and boxes were issued to householders for this purpose. Milesdown Place is a communal development and we were told special provision would be made for sites like ours.

We heard nothing and on ringing the council got the impression they have run out of money to fully implement this service. On asking if we could then also leave glass in boxes on the kerbside for collection the answer was “No”.

It is all very well the council coming up with new ideas but it would be better if they were fully costed beforehand. Perhaps one of our councillors will look into the nitty-gritty issues of the glass collection service before we read in the Lib Dems’ Focus Newsletter what a great success it has been.

Andrew Beadle,

Milesdown Place,

St Giles Hill,