PROUDLY wearing their woggles, Scouts are still meeting online and completing a range of indoor and outdoor adventures at the groups are unable to meet due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Throughout Winchester more 80 per cent of the area’s 1,360 Scouts are holding meetings via the video link platform Zoom and are still finding ways to complete challenges together.

Over the three months since lockdown began they have been sharing activities, fire lighting and continuing with badge work.

But the movement is hoping that it won’t be long until they are able to get together, and with 500 additional places for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts children are encouraged to sign up.

District Development Officer Lisa Gibbons said: “We are Zooming and Booming! There has never been a better time for girls and boys to join Scouts with 500 vacancies. Just go to and use the locator to register for a place near your home”.