A SMALLHOLDING in a village near Winchester is still drawing complaints.

Catherine Hawkins has repeatedly complained to the city council about the lack of action over activities at the Gunn-Barrell estate on Alresford Drove, South Wonston.

She has highlighted noisy cockerels and pigs close to her property. “The amount of pigs all just a few feet away from my patios, conservatories and kitchen etc. They stink. They squeal, the noise sets all my dogs off.”

In an email to local councillor Stephen Godfrey she wrote: “I have been confined and watching this is extraordinary. The city council have failed me in so many ways.”

Cllr Godfrey replied: “I can assure you that all your elected representatives are working to resolve each of the concerns that you have raised over the years. Sadly, progress has been slower than anyone would want. I am pleased to say that several of your neighbours have reinforced your complaints in recent weeks, which provides more evidence that is the basis for any substantive action. Officers are visiting the site frequently.”

A spokesperson for Winchester City Council, said: “We’ve received complaints of noise caused by cockerels crowing at very early times of the day at the Gunn-Barrell estate. We have previously provided advice to the owner regarding this issue and continue to try to resolve the matters of concern.”

Robert Memory of the Gunn-Barrell estate says he does not speak to the press.