A HAMPSHIRE engineering lecturer was sacked after being accused of racially-stereotyping black students.

An employment tribunal heard that Stephen Lamonby, 73, was dismissed by Solent University in Southampton after claiming black students lacked the necessary DNA to do engineering.

However, Judge Colm O'Rourke threw out Mr Lamonby's claim for unfair dismissal.

Bristol Civil and Family Justice Centre heard the comments were made during a meeting with a colleague in a campus canteen in March last year.

Dr Janet Bonar complained to the university after Mr Lamonby told her "he felt sorry for black students, as they didn't have the heritage in their DNA to be able to do engineering", the tribunal heard.

But Mr Lamonby, of Bishop's Waltham, argued other remarks he made about young black makes were positive.

Judge O'Rourke said: "I find that it is clearly at least potentially racist to group nationalities, races, ethnic or religious groups, by entire categories and to ascribe certain abilities or talents (or the opposite) to them, when, of course, as with any such group, talents or abilities will vary wildly from individual to individual."

He ruled the dismissal was fair, and on the balance of probabilities the claimant had committed the misconduct of which he was accused.

A Solent University spokesperson said: “We are pleased with the outcome of this hearing and its reflection of Solent’s commitment to our University Values and to promoting equality, diversity and inclusivity for everyone who works and studies with us.”