SIR: Why does Britain have an inferiority about how it has treated coloured immigrants? We are criticising ourselves when our record has been excellent.

Priti Patel’s parents were Indian and emigrated to UK from Uganda in the 1960s. She is the current Home Secretary.

Rishi Sunak. Chancellor of the Exchequer. His father Yashvir was born in Kenya and his mother Usha was born in Tanzania. They were Indians and came to the UK in the 1960s.

Alok Sharma. His parents are Indian and came to the UK in 1973. He went to Salford University and qualified with a BSc in Applied Physics with Electronics in 1988. He is the current minister for Trade and Business.

The above are all children of immigrants, and Rishi Sunak is holding the second highest office in the country.

Britain is not in any way racist, it is the most generous country in the world. In 1973 Britain took in 30,000 Indians who had been expelled from Uganda.

Which other country in the world would allow three of the highest offices of state to be held by the children of immigrants? Would Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Nigeria, Iran or Iraq agree to this, obviously not?

Why don’t the Black Lives Matter group praise Britain for its generosity?

A friend Millius Palayiwa, was born in Rhodesia and fled Ian Smith in 1973. After various degrees from 2003 to 2010 he was the registrar of Christchurch College, Oxford. This college founded in 1546 has seen as undergraduates 13 British Prime Ministers, including Robert Peel, Gladstone, Salisbury, and the First World War Prime Minister Asquith. It makes Christchurch one of the most prestigious Colleges in the world, and for seven years an African born immigrant was the Registrar. Again Britain has been generous.

It is time to look at our successes and not to find failures.

Rupert Pitt,

St Cross Road,