SIR: The Covid temporary changes to the traffic flow in Hyde Street and North Walls will lead to increases in dangerous pollution causing congestion in City Road, the Andover Road and Worthy Lane where traffic is likely to rise as a result, with little offsetting benefit to the residents of Hyde Street and the city.

Part of the changes is the co-mingled space for socially distanced pedestrians and cyclists on North Walls. This is dangerous. Cyclists are often a hazard to pedestrians in co-mingled spaces. Further, as very few pedestrians use North Walls there seems little justification for providing more space for social distancing there. A much easier way to achieve social distancing on North Walls, if needed, would be to make the pavements one-way.

In addition, the closure of Hyde Street as a through route disrupts materially the access in and out of a large part of residential Hyde.

The Covid crisis has made us all adjust our lives in ways which are often frustrating. It cannot help the city council to initiate summary impositions on the public that reduce its credibility, and political and reputational capital. The council must re-open Hyde Street immediately.

Julian Chisholm,

Arthur Road,