SIR: It is a bit rich for Flick Drummond, in her Letter from Westminster (Chronicle, July 9), to complain about Labour Party spin in respect of Coronavirus testing; the Government does plenty of its own spinning.

For example, Matt Hancock’s decision to include the numbers of Coronavirus test kits sent to households among samples actually tested. These distorted figures have not been accepted as valid data by Sir David Norgrove of the UK Statistics Authority. These figures have also been more widely excoriated by statisticians and other scientists on the BBC’s More or Less programme.

A pathology manager that included the number of sample pots sent out to patients with tests carried out so to demonstrate improved performance would be sacked for this misinformation by senior healthcare management. One rule for politicians, another for the rest of us?

As for “World beating” contact tracing, how many revolutions of spin can you have?

Martin Keys,

Parliament Place,

Oliver’s Battery,