SIR: The proposed plan to charge for green garden waste after ten years’ of trouble-free collection and recycling is an error that will have a negative impa‎ct on the environment including fly tipping; already a serious and costly problem. And I am of an age where I remember the sight and smoke of bonfires.

The green bags are porous so contrary to the council’s information the contents do not become heavy with rain water.

Replacing green bags would mean the allocation of yet another plastic bin. Indeed thousands of plastic bins.

There is something about filling a bag of green garden waste that that is more appropriate than a plastic bin.

Winchester is the last authority in the area to maintain a free service; something to be proud of.

This would be a short-sighted and unnecessary change to a ten year service. If it works don’t fix it.

Simon Lever,

Juniper Close,

Badger Farm