SIR: Such sad news about the end of the collection of our lovely green garden waste bags (Chronicle, July 9). These bags started life over 30 years ago and were marketed as Boss Bags.

Gardeners loved them, keeping them close at hand as they dragged them round with them as they tended their gardens, loving the fact that unlike a garden sack, the bags stood up by themselves!

For a cumbersome wheelie bin to act in the same way is of course unthinkable and for those of us who live in terraced town houses, a third wheelie bin is just not an option – front gardens full of our cars is bad enough!

So those of us who will (I hope) be allowed to keep our lovely green bags will have to drive them to the dump as we used to do before the collection was introduced – so more cars on the road instead.

Rosemary Poole,

St James Villas,